Joint Exhibition Jane & Andrew Flint

Private view 6 - 10PM 4th May
Open Saturday, Sunday and Monday
2018 5th - 7th May 10.30AM - 6PM

Jane Flint makes ceramic animal figures, inspired by Antique toys and ethnographic artefacts; that are lovingly sculpted to suggest their own narrative. Jane’s Raku firing imbues each piece with their own rich patinas, creating unique individual pieces that have a distinctively nostalgic character.

Andrew produces figurative sculpture, abstract figurative ceramics and limited edition prints. He utilises life drawing, sculpting and digital skills, to create a collection of work that explores and reveals the beauty of the human form in new levels of detail and subtlety.



July 05th - July 17th 2017

Red Heart England


13th - 18th April 2017

an exhibition of works by

Caitlin F J Sell

make sure you drop in and don't miss out!

Bull&Bridgens Bazzar
Dec. 2nd -24th 2016

The Pink Cabbage Gallery
was happy to welcome back
the wonderful

and introducing MATTHEW IMPEY
Contemporary Furniture

Pop-up Shop

Unique and beautiful treasures and
architectural antiques from india


One Artisan ' a year of concrete'

Nov 24th - 28th 2016
9.00 am - 5.00 pm


The Pink Cabbage - Bringing you a night full of art, music and booze! Exhibiting a variation of creative artwork from a group of young stroudies with somewhere to drink & boogey! 6PM TILL LATE See you there! XOX

Redemption In Middlestreet

Exhibition Summer 2015

Four initial artists transformed the Pink Cabbage Gallery over the summer, using a range of media including paint, sculpture, light projection and sound, interpreting the darkness of human nature and the search for redemption. The aim was to provide space for contemplation and discussion. Artists, writers, poets, actors, and all interested, were invited to join in conversation and contribute to this work.
Redemption on Middle Street was intended to evolve over the heat of August, to its climax. There was a bar.
Other events will take place including stories by the involved artists, communal suppers, music et cetera.
At this time involved artists include: Alexandra Darbyshire, Paul Grellier, Allie Litherland and Dan Rawlings

Design Pop-Up

Exhibition & Sale


Friday 21st November - Sunday 23rd November 2014
Friday 28st November - Sunday 30th November 2014

Henrietta Park
Clair Stratton
Sally Hampson
Fionna Hesketh




Private View 19th September

The Exhibition Runs
19th September to 3rd October

My work is about landscape. Not just any landscape but that which is eerie, moody, empty, stormy.

Paper dreams

3d May- 24th May 2014

Sticky Paper Studio is a group of artists working in paper. Their inspirations and enthusiasms are fashion, textiles, pattern, ornament and subjects which are visually interesting. Working in two and three dimensional collage, ripping, tearing, cutting, manipulating and sticking they create wonderful and surprising work.


featured works of  Frances Clark-Stone

25th April - 1st May 2014

"Lunar" is largely figurative and based on the theme of magnetism - the attraction and influence of the moon, the tides, the attraction of people to each other and to places, and a specific place, the River Lune in Lancashire.

read more about the work here:

Out of the Woods

featured works of Amaury Blow & friends

29th Novenmber - 13th December 2013
and was extended for private view untill
March 2014

Press: Gloucestershire Echo

Love & Death

featured works of seven local artists
George Richards
Paul Thornycroft
Karen Green
Henri Kyriacou
Richard Vick
Jo Sanders
inspired by Love & Death

Press: Stroud News & Journal

A self proclaimed “punk photographer”, Jones’s self taught photography is driven from a desire to challenge censorship - of her self, of others and of the way many of us restrain our own creativity. An artist of her time, she first published her work through the medium of facebook, creating an online following. This is her first show.

Click here to see walkthrough exhibition movie

Press: Cotswold LIfe Article